brain made up of nodes to represent idea points


A brainstorming tool to improve a product or service. First define a problem or area for improvement; answer guided questions for each prompt Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to other uses, Eliminate, Rearrange; finally, map your ideas on a tree diagram.

Let's Start


How can I replace or change any components? How can I change my feelings or attitude towards it? How can I use other process or procedures? How can I use other ingredients or material? How can I use this idea in a different place? How can I use this idea in a different place? Can I change the rules?

Move on to Combine


What would happen if you combined this product with another, to create something new? What if you combined purposes or objectives? What if materials or technques could be combined? What could you combine to maximize the uses of this product? How could you combine talent and resources to create a new approach to this product?

Move on to Adapt


How could you adapt or readjust this product to serve another purpose or use? What else is the product like? Who or what could you emulate to adapt this product? What else is like your product? What other context could you put your product into? What other products or ideas could you use for inspiration? What idea outside my field could I incorporate?

Move on to Modify


How could you change the shape, look, or feel of your product? What could you add to modify this product? What could you emphasize or highlight to create more value? What element of this product could you strengthen to create something new? How can I add extra value?

Move on to Purpose


Can you use this product somewhere else, perhaps in another industry? Who else could use this product? How would this product behave differently in another setting? Could you recycle the waste from this product to make something new? How would a child or older person use it? How would people with different disabilities use this?

Move on to Eliminate


How could you streamline or simplify this product? What features, parts, or rules could you eliminate? What could you understate or tone down? How could you make it smaller, faster, lighter, or more fun? What would happen if you took away part of this product? What would you have in its place?

Move on to Rearrange


What would happen if you reversed this process or sequenced things differently? What if you try to do the exact opposite of what you're trying to do now? What components could you substitute to change the order of this product? What roles could you reverse or swap? How could you reorganize this product?

Let's Review!!!